Top seven Robot Gifts for 2019

It’s time to think about gifts for friends and family. Finding the right gift for the robot enthusiast in your life is not easy, but EverstMarketing is here to help with gift suggestions!
1) Miposaur:
Miposaur responds to the swipe of your hand! Miposaur has three different moods and ten different commands. Depending on what it’s in, Miposaur will react to gestures differently.
Comes with BeaconSense infused track ball, Miposaur will flawlessly keep in sight
Use the trackball to activate modes such as dance, feed or chase
Direct drive control over movements; Path tracing; Hand gesture command, recognition.

2) Anki Cozmo Limited Edition:
Cozmo is a real-life robot like you’ve only seen in the movies and he’s ready to be your loyal sidekick
Cozmo new limited edition Interstellar Blue finish is the perfect complement to his adventurous personality
Challenge cozmo to games, or use Explorer mode to see things from his perspective
With a beginner-friendly interface, cozmo is the perfect educational robot for kids and adults to learn to creatively code
Easier than you’d think and tougher than he looks, this toy robot is tested for durability and security.

3) Talking Robots for Kids:
CAPTURE YOUR KID’S PERSONALITY IN A ROBOT TOY: Tap DITTO’s button twice and talk – this cool kids robot toy repeats everything you say; A toy robot kids and adults will love with batteries included
PERFECT TRAVEL TOYS FOR TODDLERS and KIDS: Looking for pocket sized kids travel toys for plane rides and car trips? This mini metal robot toy fits in your carry-on and keeps kids entertained for hours
TAKE DITTO ANYWHERE, FUN VOICE CHANGER GIFTS FOR BOYS and GIRLS: Ditto’s die-cast, posable body makes these toddler toys a great gift idea for kids; Smart STEM Toys that are both educational and fun!
GLOW IN THE DARK WITH THESE BRIGHT LIGHT UP TOYS: These LED toys with vibrant LEDs are interactive robotics for kids; Watch and listen as this kids robot lights up when you talk, then repeats it all.

4) Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot:
Companion App with Augmented Reality: Protect the First Order against the Resistance in your own room, issuing direct verbal orders, and launch attacks via the app interface in first and third person views for immersive interactive app play.
Voice Command: Issue orders directly to your First Order Stormtrooper Robot to carry out your bidding.
Facial Recognition: Create a database of up to three faces using the facial biometrics feature for customized interactions.
Sentry Patrolling: Order your First Order Stormtrooper Robot to patrol a designated area of your home.
Secure Wifi Connectivity via the iOS and Android compatible App.

5) Think Gizmos Large Remote Control Robot for Kids:
The RoboAttack RC Robot has a variety of features to keep kids occupied and happy for hours on end (Adults will find him hilarious too – until they get shot by one of the rubber tipped missiles!)
Shoots plastic (rubber tipped) Missiles After loading him up with 6 plastic darts (3 extra are included in the pack in case you lose any) he is ready to stalk your unsuspecting target. Move the remote control robot towards your target and then fire!
Walks & Talks Control the RC Robot with the controller to make him slide forward and backwards, left or right. He will also occasionally talk to keep you on your toes.
Dances Want to see something funny? Just press the “Dance” button on the remote control and watch his dance moves accompanied by music.
RoboAttack creates lasting memories of happiness for kids, and also adults. One of the best value remote control toys you can buy.

6) Alagoo Electronic Toy Robot:
Dancing Robot Toy— This robot can dance, sing, move, turn around and glow. Dancing action, arms and legs move with the song, 360 degree spinning action.
Flash Lights Display & Music— The funny electronic toy not only can dance,but play single music and has lots of spinning colors flashing lights. The robot will dance to the beat and make a light show with colorful flashing lights that children will love.
Classic Foot Balancing Robot— Moves and rotates with its legs and cool wheel and side steps to the beat rotates with its middle leg. Dual wheel foot balancing make it move quickly and smoothly.
Best Gift for Kids — The robot will dance for hours and give your kid the happy time of their life. Best Christmas, birthday gift for kids. The Cheerful music and dancing are very suitable for creating pleasant atmosphere, which fit to play in party.

7) Glantop Remote Control RC Robots:
Glantop robot is a really special little robot that’s packed with a lot of technology. It communicates through motion, sound, and LED eyes, revealing a responsive personality that’s really inquisitive.This toy robot can also navigate his surroundings using self-balancing dual wheels. Plus, he is a prominent singer and dancer. It’s an amazing choice if you’re looking for a toy robot with advanced features and a fun personality at a fair price.

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